the zero to one hundred projectTM

When we share the stories of our everyday lives we connect to each other, to ourselves and to the greater community. The zero to one hundred projectâ„¢ is designed to celebrate diversity. It is an inclusive community project that celebrates each age group, focuses on the joy of the human spirit and aims to develop a sense of connection in the community. Over the next few months award winning photographer and founder of the Book Incubator, Kate Heaslip, will introduce you to over 200 people who live and work in the South West region of Western Australia. One male and one female per year from zero to one hundred. You will have the opportunity to see photographs, read stories, nominate potential participants and, hopefully, feel a connection to the community. If you know someone who lives in the South West who you feel should be included in this project please contact us And, if you want to keep up to date with the project and hear some of the back stories, please follow the blog.

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