One Day in Your Life: Families One Day in Your Life is Kate's photographic signature. Using her skills as a documentary photographer Kate unobtrusively and sensitively captures the everyday moments that make up your day. Her visual story telling ability is her photographic signature. After consultation with you Kate will follow you and your family throughout the day capturing the everyday moments that make up your life. Then, with camera in hand, Kate will unobtrusively follow your family from place to place for 8-10 hours. From packing lunches to school and the workplace, to visiting grandma and playgroup, to after school activities and preparing the evening meal, this in depth record of everyday activities is sure to become a family heirloom. In addition to covering the events of your day this service also includes: Secure online viewing enables you to see and choose the images that you wish to be in the photo book. A minimum of 100 photographs will be edited and processed into a beautifully presented hard cover A3 coffee table book. When the book is finalised and ready to be printed, an electronic version of it is available for you to view and show your friends and family while you are waiting for your hard copy to arrive. One 30x 45 family portrait printed on canvas and ready to hang on your wall. A minimum of 100 images are then arranged into a beautifully presented A3 size hard cover coffee table book. (Additional copies and larger sizes of the book are available for purchase.) All images used in the book are supplied to you on a thumb drive as low resolution images for you to share with your friends via email or share on social media. Due to the intensity of creating this sort of imagery, Kate photographs only one Day in Your Life session per month. Booking in early is essential. Prices start at $6,500 for this service.

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