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photographer, author, artist, teacher and mentor

 Kate Heaslip captures and records authentic life moments that recognise and celebrate the uniqueness of the people in her focus. Her award winning photography invites the viewer to connect with each subject and share a moment in time. Passionate about the human need to tell and share stories, Kate founded the Book Incubator - an initiative that offers safe, nurturing opportunities for people to tell their stories in print. The Book Incubator also provides a unique form of storytelling through the creation of self-portrait polymer clay sculptures. Kate's work is powerful and empowering.



Kate’s work is important.  Starting with simple photographs, something bigger is at work. Kate has an unassuming, disarming manner that allows her to get close to people, enabling her to capture the real honesty in her subjects but her greatest power is her ability to bring communities together.  I have seen her work her magic in a tiny community in New South Wales and I feel proud to know her.  I know her passion for community will see her continue this great work in other parts of the world.

Peter Holmes à Court, Sydney, Australia


Portrait photography is a special kind of art. I think Kate Heaslip is a master.

Vicky Sanderson, Toronto Star Columnist, Toronto, Canada


The books created by women who are victims of sexual abuse/assault and family domestic violence through  the Herstory Project exceeded all anticipated  outcomes. Some of the women told their story for the first time during the process of the workshop series, these women described the experience as cathartic and healing.   Watching and listening to  the women as they received their books at the book launch was an emotionally charged experience with tears of joy and words of accomplishment for doing something of their own for themselves. The sense of achievement was palpable for all members of the HERSTORY workshop including the counsellors and support staff.

Trudi Ruane, CEO Waratah Support Centre, Western Australia


Kate Heaslip offers hope and help to those facing some of life's biggest challenges through filling in the pages of their book of life. Her Book Incubator has significant impact.

Michael Ballard, CEO, Resiliency For Life, Toronto, Canada


The Book Incubator Program is wonderful. I would highly recommend it. Our year 5 students completely engaged in the whole process. The school library has 29 new books and each author/illustrator proudly took home a copy of their own book.

Joe Fasolo, Principal, Mt Pleasant Primary School, Western Australia


My Mini Mee is AWESOME!

Colby, Student at Child Side School, Western Australia

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